Pastor Randy Vinson, Bridge Community Church, Troy, MI
“Our church went on three mission trips to Gabon Africa, France and to a CAC (Closed Access Country) in Asia last year with about 25 people involved. The C&MA, our denomination, is an outstanding group of churches doing world-missions in over 80 countries. Our church has a long history of missions and the people possess a fairly high level of “missions intelligence”. Our elders and people were extremely impressed with the content of your book and the training it enabled our people to have before stepping into the very different cultures. It was theologically sound, missionally solid, and practically suited for us. We had numerous experiences where specific material from the books helped us to live and speak graciously in situations that weren’t easy. Thanks for providing this excellent equipping material! We are going back again to several countries this year and are using the material again for our new people.”

Daniel Rickett, Executive Vice President, She Is Safe

How we think about missions is undergoing a subtle but significant change. This change has already begun to show itself in the countless partnerships between North American churches and Majority World ministries. Partnering in mission is becoming one of the most valuable means of global outreach. In The Beauty of Partnership, Werner Mischke draws from leading experts to provide perspectives and strategies to help build the authentic relationships that characterize true partnership in the gospel. If you want the training manual for building and sustaining missional relationships, this is it. 

Ellen Livingood, President, Catalyst Services

In six, assumption-challenging sessions, The Beauty of Partnershiptakes church missions leaders or short-term teams to a whole new level of readiness for effective collaboration with national brothers and sisters. As cross-cultural initiatives multiply, this book is an essential training tool for churches wanting to be valuable and appreciated global partners.

Doug Lucas, founder/editor of Brigada Today and President, Team Expansion

After having led a a three-day, six-session Beauty of Partnership study with prospective partners from a key megachurch, our sending agency, and northeastern India, I can positively tell you from experience that The Beauty of Partnership will present many fundamental principles, spawn countless practical discussions, and help you establish lots of protocols and ground rules for your new (or existing) partnership. Some of our participants were so limited in English that they were literally looking up words in language dictionaries as we studied together.

But The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide and videos worked in spite of all cultural and language differences. By the end of our three days together, we were composing written partnership agreements, ready to face the long, difficult, and amazingly gratifying work of reaching an unreached people group for His glory. Well done, Werner!

[Also from Doug — who received the quote below from a Lisu Christian brother working to reach an unreached people group in northeastern India, after having participated the aobve-mentioned three-day, six-session Beauty of Partnership study with his new Western partners]:

Kindly convey to Werner that I benefited from his work. His work seems to be so well-constructed, compact, and concise with the most essential ingredients put therein. A beautiful, useful book.

Tom Telford, mission mobilizer with United World Mission and ACMC

So many churches nowadays are doing partnerships and they just don’t know what they are getting into. I don’t know of another book that gives people such a clear and usable track to run on for learning about cross-cultural partnerships. What sets this book apart is that it’s a workbook, a study guide that’s interactive. The best part is the collection of readings from various experts—it makes for a really valuable study. I especially love the reading from Duane Elmer’s book on cross-cultural servanthood.     
The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide is perfect for any small group or missions committee that wants to learn together and understand how to do cross-cultural partnerships in the right way.

Erin Anderson, International Field Visits Specialist,
Compassion International

As a former missionary kid and current cross-cultural ministry employee, I found The Beauty of Partnership Study Guide to be both insightful and challenging. I would highly recommend it not only for those planning on doing short term missions work, but also for those who are already serving in cross-cultural ministry. It stresses the need for a mutual understanding from both sides of partnership and features a variety of great excerpts from current literature on the surrounding topics.

I know of no ministry and material that better delivers the subject of partnership than The Beauty of Partnership from Mission ONE. I highly recommend The Beauty of Partnership to leaders and pastors all over the world.

–Dr. Larry Reesor, President, Global Focus